She grew up with addicted parents and later started a ministry with the Disney intern program and has an online Bible/Journal decorating company!

My favorite part is when Britt says she would tell her younger self "You can do art" She had no idea she could paint and do calligraphy until after college! 

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How to make the most of your sisterhood, when you can’t see your sisters

March 23, 2020

With colleges shutting down face to face interaction for the rest of the semester, sorority women are asking what do we do now?

This episode is designed to bring together sorority women across state lines, across rival football teams, across greek letters to link (virtual) arms and give ideas on how we can come out of this pandemic stronger than before.

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24-year-old Kohlie Browning and I talk about overcoming fear, chasing big dreams the nuts and bolts of how to become an author, even for "regular people" like us.

Let’s talk about Porn…From a guy’s perspective. Interview with Drew Boa

February 24, 2020

Well, friends, buckle up today we are talking about pornography from a guy's perspective. Author, podcaster, husband and mentor, Drew Boa joins me on a chat to help you understand more about porn, why it’s a big deal, and how to help those who struggle, shame-free.

Check out the incredible work Drew is doing over at 

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Friendships don’t just happen. Interview with friendship expert, Shasta Nelson

February 17, 2020

Did you know many doctors are cited for saying loneliness is more harmful to our health than obesity or smoking? Friendships MATTER but so few are talking about how to do them well!

Leading expert on friendships and relationships, Shasta Nelson walks us through the 3 vital tools for every healthy friendship and lots of other practical ways to have the best girlfriends in the world!

Free online Friendship quiz

Shasta's Book, "Friendtimacy"

Shasta's book, "Friendships don't just happen"


Interview with a dating coach Kait Warman

February 10, 2020

Professional relationship coach and host of the podcast "Heart of Dating" shares her expertise on how to handle rejection, how to discuss physical boundaries, and how to find romance in your single time.

I know I'm not supposed to call the shots but I'm pretty sure this is going to be our #1 episode! Listen for all the goodness from Kait Warman!

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Book we mention: "Sacred Search" by Gary Thomas

Ask the hubs and I anything

February 3, 2020

I put on Instagram, "Ask us anything" and you did! Bryan and I sit down to the mic and do our best to be transparent, real, and tackle questions like:

  • How do you know when you found the one?
  • Did we spend the night together before marraige?
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Texas Tech Student shares her story of overcoming eye cancer. Lexi Rendon

January 27, 2020

Despite having more surgeries and doctor visits than most of us will have in a lifetime, Lexi Rendon shares her inspiring story of overcoming eye cancer. 

Even with limited sight, Lexi has made straight A's, danced competitively and become a speaker for Delta Gamma's sorority, service for sight.

What I love most about this conversation is Lexi's positive outlook. She is the perfect example of the saying, "It's not what you see, but how you see it that makes all the difference."

I hope you enjoy this chat with the inspiring, Lexi Rendon!



From diet pills and unhealthy to strong mind and body

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The space between college and marriage

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I'm tackling 5 areas of life to unlock your best single self. Bonus: Finding your best self is 100% more attractive than waiting around on a dude.